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Planet Stronghold 2 sci fi Visual Novel Beta

planet stronghold 2 sci fi visual novel beta in linux mac windows pc games

Planet Stronghold 2 the sci-fi visual novel RPG has a new Beta update in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to the continuing work of developer Winter Wolves. The games new release is available on, but coming to Steam.

Planet Stronghold 2 is the sequel to the first sci-fi visual novel RPG. So now, several years have passed. Since the colony of Planet Stronghold was saved from the Descorian threat.
Now Lisa and Joshua Nelson receive a promotion to Captain. Since an increase in rank comes with greater responsibilities. Even without the threat of the Descorians. The colony is also at risk of collapsing due to shortages. Such as limited water supplies, food scarcity, and political instability.

Planet Stronghold 2 new alpha demo (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

What’s New in beta 0.6.18

  • there was a bug in the random encounters XP, was giving out too much XP! now the XP is to the correct amount. If you grind hard enough you could reach level 20 or higher. Doing so at end of chapter 2 of Planet Stronghold 2. Which is definitely too high
  • the Will attribute was also reducing Buffs. So not only the de-buff (negative) on your character. This has now been fixed
  • restored the old feature “Last enemy flees from battle”. This is for non-lethal battles only. So you can avoid making random encounter last too much And also users exploiting the defense skill to restore the team to full HP/PP. Keeping the last enemy alive for long! You’ll still get the XP and loot
  • added new enemy voices
  • If you fail a subquest in Planet Stronghold 2. This will now display with strike through text style. Doing so before it was displayed like if it was successfully solved
  • Tweaked random loot generator to drop twice Pistols item. Since it’s unique to the story. The Sniper can use both Rifle and Sniper Rifle, Heavy Weapon can be both Bazooka or Cannons, etc.

Planet Stronghold 2 features a branching plot. And you can choose the starting conditions at the beginning. Allowing you to continue from where you left off from the first game of the series. Did you become a rebel or were you loyal to your king? Did you romance anyone or did you remain single?

No matter what you choose at the beginning. In the end you might be lucky to get out of Planet Stronghold…alive.


  • play as male or female with full skills customization
  • as male, romance Rebecca, Rumi, Lakadema, Milo, Cliff and Shiler
  • as female, romance Damien, Milo, Tom, Avae, Lakadema, Michelle
  • branching plot featuring some tough and mutually exclusive choices
  • use non-combat skills to advance in the plot outside combat

Planet Stronghold 2 sci fi visual novel is available on The Beta is priced at $24.99 USD. Your purchase also comes with a Steam key. With releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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