Planetary Annihilation is Kickstarter's latest 7-figure success story

Planetary Annihilation is Kickstarter's latest 7-figure success story
There’s plenty of cause for celebration at the Washington-based Uber Entertainment today, as the Monday Night Combat developer’s recent Kickstarter project has just become the third highest-funded game in Kickstarter’s history.

The studio’s campaign for its new RTS, Planetary Annihilation, has concluded with more than $2,200,000 earned – putting the game well above its original $900,000 goal. It’s also the fourth game on Kickstarter to earn a full seven figures.

The other games that have reached the seven figure landmark are Double Fine Adventure ($3.3 million earned), Wasteland 2 ($2.9 million earned), and Shadowrun Returns ($1.8 million earned). The upcoming Ouya console, while not technically a game, also passed that threshold with more than $8.5 million earned.

As for Planetary Annihilation, Uber says the game will launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and will focus on large-scale battles and interstellar combat. Many Uber veterans also worked on Cavedog Entertainment’s Total Annihilation, and the studio says this new game will serve as a spiritual successor to that 1997 classic.

Since Uber’s game has earned more than double its initial Kickstarter goal, the studio has promised to use those extra funds to further expand the game by adding more units, maps, and a full orchestral score.

Source: Gamasutra


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