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Planetoid Pioneers physics adventure now on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Planetoid Pioneers a sci-fi #sandbox #game where players visit and explore “planetoids” along with the #physicsbased environments. Now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The game from independent developer Data Realms is similar to a Minecraft in space, counting on users to help make the game into a viral success. Basically shipping as an incomplete game while having players contribute their own items to it.

Explore, survive, and ultimately build a resource-intensive spacecraft to escape the dangers and mysterious caves of this circular world. Onto the next uncharted Planetoid for a completely different adventure – built by us or anyone in the Contributor Community!

Instead of just creating a modding community, Data Realms have a contributor community. Giving players a chance to mod and contribute items into the official game before release. Already having been in development for seven years.

For those who remember, Data Realms previously built Cortex Command. Now inviting those who want to get into changing content using their Crush2D game engine. Planetoid Pioneers Contributor Edition will sell for $40, including all the game content and tools the developers use themselves to create the 2D physics action ­exploration title.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT buy this special edition UNLESS you want to get your hands dirty in the ongoing development of Planetoid Pioneers, which is inspired by classics such as Blaster Master (‘88), Metroid (‘86), and Exile (‘88). At this point, we are looking for those with a genuine interest in creating and remixing content within the unique Crush2D engine and the modular game structure we have already established.

If you simply want to experience a polished physics-driven game (nothing wrong with that!), feel free to add Planetoid Pioneers to your wishlist and wait until it exits its Early Access period. By that point, it will contain a complete yet expanding action-exploration adventure, hand-built by not only us on the official development team, but also in collaboration with the Contributor Community.

Similar to the likeness of Linux, Data Realms will curate the contributed content, giving credit for those who submit their work that also makes it into the final game. Allowing contributors to sell their content on the Planetoid Pioneers Item Shop.

Above: Planetoid Pioneers lets you design your own little world.

What’s the story about, you might ask?

After your space yacht undergoes an irksome Rapid Unplanned Disassembly, you find yourself marooned on a large Planetoid outside the orbit of Mars. To overcome this interplanetary Robinson Crusoe scenario, you need to use your Atomizer and Assembler tools to gather local resources and turn them into various vehicles, contraptions, and even organic life forms.

So explore, survive and ultimately build a resource-intensive spacecraft to escape the dangers. Players must explore mysterious caves of this circular world or move to the next uncharted Planetoid for a completely different adventure built by gamers or anyone in the Contributor Community!


  • Detailed physics-based gameplay
  • Local 4-person co-op multiplayer
  • Powerful vehicles, interesting tools, and unique weapons
  • Alien life forms to fight, recycle, and/or befriend
  • Atomizer/Assembler tool that lets you absorb resources and build blueprints
  • Use the in-game editor to create your own creatures, vehicles, weapons, items, and creatures
  • Powered by Data Realms’ world-class, proprietary Crush2D physics engine

Planetoid Pioneers does have a four-person cooperative multiplayer, vehicles, modding tools and unique life forms. Currently available now on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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