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PlanetRealm a treasure hunt and support

planetrealm a treasure hunt with support for linux and windows pc

PlanetRealm is a treasure hunt game coming to Windows PC, but also has sights on Linux support. Thanks to three friends with no prior game development experience. With a Demo live on Itch and GameJolt.

PlanetRealm will have you exploring colorful forests. But these are available on small planetary systems. The game’s demo in the links above plays well via Wine.

Linux Support:

We’re currently focused on developing for Windows. And weren’t thinking where we’ll eventually port it yet.
But since we’re working in Unity porting to Linux shouldn’t be an issue.

And rightly so. Now testing the Linux build of PlanetRealm. So far so good. The developers also explain, “we’ll add Linux versions to our itch and Game Jolt projects.” Likewise, the dev’s are going to first test the game support themselves.
And I have to admit, for a Demo, it plays well. The mechanics are just as fluid as the trailer below.

What is most interesting about the project. Three friends created the game. Doing so with no game development experience. Creating their first project, PlanetRealm. This is also a unique mystery unraveling treasure hunt. Taking place in a beautiful world of colorful tiny planets. Including mystical vines and charming forests.
Actually, at first glance, the games visuals remind me of Astroneer. Check it out in the trailer below.

PlanetRealm – Announcement Trailer

Hop from planet to planet in PlanetRealm. But keep your eyes peeled for clues. Also revealing the path to the legendary Hidden planet and it’s lost fortune in the demo.

The first person puzzle adventure takes place in a planetary system. Where mysterious vines form tunnels between tiny nearby planets. Plus a strange force of the planetary cores adds the mechanic of transport. While giving the vine tunnels the ability to transport, along with power up mechanisms. These are also capable of rotating entire planets.
Teh games made in low-poly, cartoony looking style. PlanetRealm offers a soothing atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing gaming session.

Players begin their hunt three centuries after infamous Planet Hunter Olygoz stashed a dozen of the rarest type of planetary cores. Called the omnicores. Somewhere deep in the unexplored parts of a planetary system. Not wanting anybody to stumble on the planet holding them by accident. He devises a path of challenges he hopes nobody could pass.
With countless fails, and years, decades and centuries go by. The PlanetRealm legend of the Hidden planet and it’s lost fortune is born. The last person who tries to claim the cores is the scavenger Solygar, your uncle. Gone for years, he returns empty-handed. Explaining how he got lost after the wind blew away all his notes. So if anyone ever finds them. They might also have a real chance of getting those omnicores.

Get a taste of the PlanetRealm adventure’s beginning. Keep an eye on Itch and GameJolt. The demo is built for Windows PC. But hopefully there will be a Linux build up very soon.

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