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Platformer Red Goddess an Unreal Engine 4 game on Kickstarter

Kickstarter Red Goddess using Unreal Engine 4 coming to Windows Mac Linux PS4 PS Vita WiiU

Developer #YanimStudio has launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming #platform game, Red Goddess. It is currently pegged for PC, Playstation 4, PS Vita and Nintendo Wii U.

Red Goddess is a #sidescrolling platform title with modeled 3D visuals. Environments are quite colorful, such as autumn forests with leaf shades ranging from green to thick red.
This saturated, natural atmosphere is taken on further into underground sections as well. Here, trees make way for mushrooms and lush moss patches that offset the otherwise greyer rock formations.Gameplay revolves around a deity named Divine, who gets accompanied by separate entities. Fear and Rage follow the character around everywhere, which complements exploration in a few ways.For instance, all three characters can be controlled, which make use of their own traits to overcome certain obstacles. By exploring, it’s possible to collect memory crystals that unlock new feats and help access new environments, sort of like Metroid.Additionally, the crew has the ability to possess enemy minds. Doing so will warp players towards the chamber in their head, as a hidden area. Think of it like diving into pots in Super Mario Bros 2.Or, you know, the Tardis in Doctor Who. It’s bigger on the inside, is what we’re saying.

Developer Yanim Studio includes previous work on Deadlight, that side-scrolling zombie apocalypse with tremendous visual flair. It had some brutal trial and error though, so hopefully they learned from that.

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This is also not the first time Red Goddess has taken to Kickstarter. In its first round, it failed to drum up $50,000.

It looks like it will blow right past its goal this time, as it already has funded half of its lower bar of $30,000 in a day or two. There are several stretch goals to go after that.

We’re always skeptical of projects that return to Kickstarter with different models. It seems too convenient.

Then again, we’d be happy to support Red Goddess by the mere fact that it’s an Unreal Engine 4 game that has a Wii U version in its modest core goal. That should have Nintendo fans jumping to it. And yes, the Unreal Engine 4 supports Wii U, unlike previous reports.

An Xbox version of Red Goddess may follow, but the developer hasn’t received any word from Microsoft yet.

You can download and try our early demo for yourself!

Download the DEMO (Windows) Keyboard+mouse
Download the DEMO (Windows) Gamepad

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