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Platformer Team Indie hits Steam in early October

CommanderVideo from the Bit.Trip series, Awesomenauts‘ Clunk, and other indie luminaries will partner up in next month’s Steam #launch of the crossover platformer Team Indie from #developer Brightside Games.

Team Indie‘s levels revolve around the unique powers and abilities of its superstar cast. Players can rewind time and embark on multiple simultaneous runs through each level, using their previously recorded input to solve puzzles as they race toward each stage’s exit. Featured cast members include Dustforce‘s Dustgirl, Braid‘s Tim, Super Crate Box‘s protagonist, and other familiar faces from the indie scene.

Team Indie premieres on October 9 for Windows PC and Mac platforms. And our recent tweet to Brightside Games leads us to believe a Linux build is actually in the works. Stay tuned for further release details.


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