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Playable SpaceVenture prototype demo lands on Earth

Space Quest IV designers have a sense of humour

As we reported last month, the Two Guys from Andromeda (known down here on Planet Earth as Space Quest game designers Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe) are time-warping their trademark sci-fi humor into the 21st century with a new project, SpaceVenture. Currently seeking $500k in crowd-funding to get the game’s development off the ground, the duo has just beamed down a prototype that hints at the universe waiting to be explored.

The unassuming tech demo, available from the Two Guys’ website, features just two rooms, a handful of hotspots, and one simple puzzle, but even this brief glimpse shows that the snout-nosed team hasn’t lost their sense of humor in the two decades since they last collaborated on Space Quest IV. The designers caution that this prototype may not represent SpaceVenture’s final look and feel; regardless, it serves as a tangible example of the type of game the project’s backers are helping to fund, while giving fans a peek into the iterative design process Crowe and Murphy developed while working together at Sierra. (SpaceVenture’s first, much rougher prototype is also available to download.)


Though they’ve promised a game that will “play, look, sound and feel every bit like it was cut from the same cloth as our previous creations, ONLY MUCH BETTER in [every] way,” the duo is also brainstorming some intriguing new options for this new universe, including a hybrid text parser / point-and-click interface and a female protagonist. Although the SpaceVenture prototype can only be played through Google’s Chrome browser, Murphy and Crowe have stated that the game itself will not be browser-based, but a download available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, and Android.

For their SpaceVenture to become a reality, the Two Guys have 16 days left to raise about $275k. They plan to release a new prototype each time the project passes a $100k milestone. Learn more about the campaign on Kickstarter, and keep your communicator tuned to Linux Game News for a forthcoming interview with the sentient beings at the helm.