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PocketCiv tabletop game has hope for Linux

pocketciv solitaire civilization tabletop game has hope for linux with windows pc

PocketCiv solitaire civilization tabletop game has hope for Linux with Windows PC. According to further details from developer Baby Marsupial Creations. Which is due to makes way into Steam Early Access.

Are you a builder? Thought minded? Money minded? Or a war monger? These strategies are all possible through PocketCiv in the full tech tree. Due to featuring 50 branching upgrades to boost your empire.

On top of that, the developer does offer hope for Linux players. Since they are, “definitely open to a Linux port.” Which is certainly a good sign ahead of 3-6 month’s of Early Access. According the developers email reply, PocketCiv is being created using Unity 3D. Which should also offer further hope for those with a Steam Deck. While keeping fingers crossed for a native build.

PocketCiv Trailer

PocketCiv is a single-player strategy game about building civilizations. Due to using your Tribes to expand your civilization and create Cities. You can also buy Advances, build Wonders, and send Expeditions. All while preparing to survive brutal fatal events. Only with careful planning and a little luck will your empire stand the test of time.

The Early Access version of PocketCiv is already feature complete. Offers 15 Scenarios, a Standard game mode, a fully functional tech tree with 50 upgrades, and 17 event types.

The tutorial includes 7 chapters which teach all the core mechanics of PocketCiv. We want to be sure that the tutorial is comprehensive enough. That it guides the player through the game mechanics naturally. So player feedback is vital here. Is the tutorial too short? Too long? Confusing in any places? We intend to tweak and refine the tutorial until it provides a seamless onboarding experience.

We hope to use player feedback to improve the visual elements.

With tabletop style gameplay and empire building mechanics, PocketCiv has its own appeal. Focusing on tabletop gamers, 4X fans, strategy buffs, and city builders alike.


  • A standard game mode with randomly generated starting conditions for endless playability
  • 15 Scenarios with unique rules and conditions
  • 17 deadly event types to survive
  • 50 upgrades to empower your civilization
  • 10 Wonders to bring glory to your empire
  • A complete, but easy to understand tutorial to help you master the game

Be sure to Wishlist PocketCiv solitaire civilization tabletop game on Steam. Due to release on January 17th, 2023 on Windows PC. Hopefully Linux, with enough support.

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