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Poker Quest card battlers seeks demand for support

poker quest card battler games developer seeks demand for support on linux with windows pc

Poker Quest card battler games developer seeks demand for support on Linux with Mac and Windows PC. According to details from developer Playsaurus. The games out on Steam Early Access and offer 93% Positive reviews.

After 3 Years in Development Fantasy Roguelike Card-Battler Poker Quest is Out on Steam Early Access. Letting players Battle their way through a world of monsters. All while armed with a standard deck of magical playing cards. Since the game started its public beta, it received 52 updates. And as a result, 82 thousand players killed over 20 Million monsters in 1.3 Million runs.
Needless to say, I reached out to developer Playsaurus, there’s the email reply.

….see a significant interest about playing the game on Linux from the playerbase. If things change in the future (via players on Social Media or Steam Discussions asking for this feature) they may implement that compatibility.

First off, there is a Steam Discussions post for Poker Quest already started. So obviously the developers want to see more Linux community support. Especially since Early Access development “will take less than one year.” This does not guarantee a port, but it certainly does help to show avid interest. The game is developed in Haxe.

Poker Quest – Steam Early Access Trailer

Poker Quest is a new roguelike card battler. While gameplay has you progress through a world full of monsters. Doing so using a standard deck of playing cards (like the “Queen of Spades”). Along with magical properties to activate your gear in combat. The game also offers a wide variety of playable heroes. Since each hero specializes in different strategies that change the way you play.

If you want to Poker Quest now, play the web browser build.


  • A deep and interesting fantasy world full of Castles, Knights, Wizards, and Dragons. And Playing cards!
  • 15 unique heroes with different play styles. And so many more to come!
  • Daily Runs with global stats. See what everyone else did in Poker Quest!
  • Challenge runs with game changing modifiers.
  • Mini-games. Casinos!
  • Hundreds of monsters and also thousands of items await you in each run.
  • Choose whether to play with or without permanent upgrades. (“roguelite” vs. “roguelike” modes).

Poker Quest card battler is available today on Steam Early Access. Priced at 14.99 USD | EUR. Offering up support for Mac and Windows PC, but with enough votes, Linux support as well.

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