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Pollen a virtual reality exploration game will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Mindfield Games and #independent #developer from Helsinki, Finland has announced its upcoming virtual reality (VR) game title Pollen. Set to be launched in a VR version for the #OculusRift head-mounted display (HMD) and on desktop for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

“Pollen is a first-person exploration game set on Titan, the sixth and largest moon of Saturn and the only moon in the solar system with an atmosphere and vast liquid seas, where life may exist. Inspired by science-fiction classics Solaris, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Moon, as well as adventure games Gone Home and The Dig, Pollen begins as the player docks and enters Research Station M to replace a lost mechanic.”

The player is a worker for a space company called Rama Industries. Replacing a mechanic that died on Titan in a work accident. After arriving, the character will join the team composed of four remaining personnel of the Research Station M.

Players take on the mission to continue research of an unknown object discovered below Titan’s crust. Each step forward will lead to new discoveries inside the research station, finding the secrets the crew have uncovered about their fate.

The co-founder of Mindfield Games, Olli Sinerma, commented about this new game title, saying that everything in the game world has been made interactive and virtual reality is about freedom for players to do whatever they want and to experiment with. The objects in a virtual reality game can be operated or examined in the same way, one intends to manipulate them in real-life. According to Sinerma, the player actions define how the players “uncover what has happened in Research Station M”.

Pollen will be released for Windows PC in early 2016 with optimization for Oculus Rift, OSVR and HTC Vive. Mindfield Games first priority is to make a great story-exploration game, but support for head-mounted displays has been an important feature since the concept phase. The game is playable with both keyboard and mouse or gamepad, with or without Oculus Rift. Linux, Mac and PS4 will be supported in the future.

Mindfield Games Ltd.

Mindfield Games is a eleven person company from Helsinki, Finland. The team consists entirely of industry professionals with a background in PC, console and mobile game development. With previous experience from companies such as Remedy, Rovio, Housemarque and Redlynx/Ubisoft, we joined forces in 2013 to create immersive worlds that only virtual reality allows for. Our first title, the first person exploration adventure game Pollen will be released for PC in Q1/2016 and is optimized for Virtual Reality.

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