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Population Zero RPG MMO to land on Linux

population zero rpg mmo game to land on linux mac windows pc

Population Zero is an upcoming RPG MMO game due to land on Linux and Mac, beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer Enplex Games. Who are getting ready for the May release on Steam Early Access. But we have further insight into development.

Enplex Games the creators of Population Zero, shifted to paid distribution model. Also announcing news back in February of 2020. Since the game is due to release in early May 2020 on Steam. We can expect an ambitious blend of exploration and MMO. While also throwing in a slice of survival. Exploring a seamless world of Kepler.
Population Zero will release as a buy-to-play title on May 5th via Steam Early Access. Since this is the most trusted and convenient game marketplace. Coming with a similar business model as Albion Online. Seeing players are already able to add Population Zero to their Wishlist. But pre-order give added cosmetic bonuses and guarantee access to closed beta events. All available via the Official Site.

So where does Linux and for that matter Mac fit in? Well I reached out to Enplex Games. Receiving some good news for development going forward.

The game uses the Unity engine.
We plan to polish the game on Windows PC. And then we will move to Linux, PS, XBox etc.

Population Zero is due to release on Windows PC. While remaining in Early Access for a period of 9 months. After that we can expect Linux support. Since Unity 3D makes that process easier. But depending on development, support might come earlier. While Linux gamers may also have functionality via Proton.

Population Zero RPG MMO Steam Announcement Trailer

From the beginning, Population Zero has been focused on story driven game. Since you have to survive in a harsh alien environment. The main plot comes various side quests. There are also a range non-playable characters eager to shed light. Opening up Kepler’s mysteries and attracting fans of classic sci-fi titles.

Therefore, in order to make life on Kepler have purpose. Enplex Games are adding a “win condition” which binds the story and survival mechanics together. When players log in this May 5th. They’ll now have seven days to survive and prosper. That is, before Kepler becomes unlivable and the survivors’ DNA is changed irreversibly. The Population Zero players’ goal is about constructing a safe haven. And doing so before this cycle occurs. So that every seven days, players will have to restart their adventures on Kepler. Bringing them knowledge of their past lives. But also other account based progression rewards. As cycles come and go, Enplex will add new mysteries. There will even be new mechanics and new regions to be discovered.

In addition, Population Zero is changing from a free-to-play monetization model. Instead launching the RPG MMO as a buy-to-play game at the base price of $29.99 USD. Along with a 10% discount for the duration of Early Access. This decision is part of an effort to make the best possible game. Without the fear of becoming “pay-to-win”. Everyone who purchases the Early Access version of Population Zero will receive bonus cosmetic items and perks. All as a special thank you from Enplex Games, as well. Available via the Official Site. Releasing on Windows PC, then moving to Linux and Mac.

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