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Popup Dungeon strategy RPG coming late 2018

popup dungeon strategy rpg coming late 2018 linux mac windows games

Popup Dungeon is a strategy RPG that’s coming to Linux, Mac and Windows games. Since the title outlines a Winter 2018, this where things are at. The games listed on Steam right now. But the full release is months away.

So that being said, Humble Bundle is proud to reveal a gorgeous and meticulous new gameplay video. Since this reveal for Popup Dungeon made possible by a partnership with 3-person family team Triple.B.Titles. This is an endlessly customizable papercraft RPG. Players can create any weapon, ability, enemy or hero imaginable.

As shown in the video below. You also can design and customize ANY item. Using your own tile set or with the vast array that the game provides. Including Feudal Japan and Steampunk Air Ship. As well as the debut of the Post-Apocalyptic Urban Wasteland tile set.

Popup Dungeon – PreAlpha Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Popup Dungeon Features:

  • Insane Customization: Create your favorite heroes, toss a sphere of annihilation at a politician, or turn your cat into a heavy-ordinance hairball launcher, the only limit is your imagination.
  • Endless Content: Many games boast procedural content, but Popup Dungeon’s easy-to-use creation systems allow for inexhaustible handcrafted content.
  • Multiplayer: Crawl alone or with friends through online or local multiplayer.
  • Persistent Gains: Collect charms to power up your party and delve further than before.

Here’s how awesome the customization system is: it’s like if World of Warcraft gave players a simple tool for creating completely new abilities instead of limiting customization to a few options within a spec tree, and yet the result was always balanced, functional, and usable by AI characters as well. Or perhaps: it’s as if Dungeons and Dragons didn’t have a library of spells to choose from, but rather a quick and easy app for creating any spell players can imagine.

Seeing your custom papercraft designs come to life and battle it out is endless fun, as shown in the new trailer and a bunch of cute new GIF’s. The quality, ease of use, amount of content, and functionality for this game will far exceed what was promised in the Kickstarter campaign.

Steam games release:

Popup Dungeon strategy RPG is listed on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The launch is coming Winter 2018. No specific release date just yet, but stay tuned.

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