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Portal 3 is coming, release date confirmed by Valve, Half-Life 3 explained


Fans of the hit video game #franchise “Portal,” are searching the net for possible “Portal 3” release date #announcements.

It has been previously reported that #Valve has been considering making the 3rd installment.  However, information has been very limited, and no official confirmation has been made whether the game’s development is really underway. A trademark was filed on 2nd of October 2013 for Portal 3 adding to the hype for an announcement of the game.

As a “Portal 3” release date update from Kpopstarz said, “Rumors went around before the E3 2014 event earlier this year, that Valve would announce a lineup of new games including Portal 3, Left 4 Dead, a new Team Fortress and the new Half Life 3 but as days went by and the event passed by, nothing happened, no talks or any signs about the game surfaced.”

Along with another anticipated game release- “Half Life 3“- development of the new Portal game has been sidetracked because of Valve’s other projects.  In an interview, Valve founder Gabe Newell explained:

“So, if somebody becomes the group manager of X, they’re going to really resist it when X is not what you want to do in the next round of games. You don’t want them to sort of burrow into that – you want them to recognize that being really good at Half-Life level design is not as nearly as valued as thinking of how to design social multi-player experiences. You’ve had them feel like they have an organization and title tied up to something when the key is to just continue to follow where the customers are leading.”

He however, recognizes the attention these games has been garnering and assures fans that their support will definitely not go to waste.

“We definitely in a sense have an army of customers who are always helping us stay honest…,” he concluded. “We’ve essentially crowd-sourced supervision of a lot of these decisions to our customers and it works way better than almost any other system we could design. They’re rabid, they’re passionate, and there are a lot of them.”

Stay tuned for more news about the “Portal 3” release date. As for what’s real or what’s not, we are still waiting to see.

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