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Portal clone being developed for Android

If you were looking forward to seeing more PC games get ported over onto our mobile devices, you’re in luck as Portal is unofficially making its way over onto Android. This effort is thanks to several developers and will actually be programmed from ground up and will utilize the Unity 3D engine, and in all honesty we guess this more like a Portal clone rather than a port, considering that the original game is not open source to begin with.

The game itself appears to be in a very early stage of beta and does not really offer much in terms of features yet, but if you’d like to take a look at what the developers have gotten up to so far, the download can be found at the 4PDA forums, although it should be noted that it is in Russian so you might need to translate it before proceeding with the download.

However take in mind that this is considered to be a third party website, so perhaps you might want to exercise a bit of caution first before installing anything onto your device. In the mean time if you’d rather not risk malware or screwing up your phone, check out the video below for a brief demonstration of the game in action.


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