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Portal Escape Chamber launches for Free

portal escape chamber launches for the escape simulator game completely free on linux steam deck mac windows pc

Portal Escape Chamber launches for the Escape Simulator game completely Free on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Pine Studio’s dedication and hard work continue to impress. Available now on Steam with 100% Positive reviews.

If you’ve been searching for a great game that blends strategy, teamwork, and a splash of science fiction, it’s the new Portal Escape Chamber DLC. Recently launched, this interactive puzzle adventure lets you don the virtual lab coat. While you step into a world that pays homage to the iconic Portal universe on Linux.

Portal Escape Chamber is developed by Pine Studio, with the green light from Valve. Since this addition allows players to explore the hidden corners of the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center. You can share this thrilling adventure with up to nine other friends. Due to take on a maze-like setting, facing nostalgic elements like the Companion Cubes and Personality Cores. All while trying to outsmart the Portal Escape Chamber challenges with friends.

Escape Simulator: Portal Escape Chamber – OUT NOW Trailer

Curious about what else Pine Studio has been up to in 2023? Escape Simulator has two free updates that released this summer. Offering players a thrilling treasure hunt on an island and an intense versus mode to compete with friends.


  • Puzzle Mastermind: Brace yourself for intricate puzzles set in varied settings. Such as the Labyrinth of Egypt, a space odyssey, and the Edgewood Mansion. There is als the enigmatic Omega Corporation, the retro futuristic Steampunk Airship, plus Leonardo’s Workshop. Also the rugged Wild West, and of course, the Portal Escape Chamber.
  • Team Dynamics: This isn’t just an individual’s journey. Work with friends online to maximize your brainpower and creativity. All due to ensuring you beat every challenge that comes your way.
  • Community Power: What if you could design your own challenges? With the Room Editor, craft your unique escape scenarios or dive into thousands created by other talented folks.
  • Express Yourself: As you find your way through various Portal Escape Chamber scenarios, you can sport quirky hats. Due to customize your avatar, and even wear outfits that resonate with the theme of each puzzle.
  • Unleash Some Fun: Get playful! Break some vases, fiddle with locks, and yes, even indulge in a bit of friendly chaos. Just remember, Portal Escape Chamber is all in good fun!

Curious about what else Pine Studio has been up to in 2023? Two free updates released this summer. While offering players a thrilling treasure hunt on an island and an intense versus mode to compete with friends.

Now, if you’re thinking of launching into this Portal Escape Chamber DLC, here’s some good news. Right now for a limited time, Escape Simulator is available with a 33% discount on Steam. Priced at $10.04 USD / £8.70 / 10,04€. Regular price on Humble Store. And if steampunk aesthetics or the wild west are more your speed. The other expansion packs game are available at a discounted rate. Playable on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC.

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