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PositronX roguelite FPS native support plan

positronx roguelite fps linux support plan early access windows pc

PositronX is a roguelite FPS officially releases on Early Access for Windows PC, but has a plan for Linux. Thanks to developer Scorpius Games. Which is live on Steam with 85% Positive Reviews. So naturally, you understand the interest in Linux support.

PositronX is a futuristic roguelite First Person Shooter. So naturally, gameplay is all about fast-paced combat. While using creative time and movement mechanics. Packed into a highly replayable experience.
You will probably appreciate the various weapons and abilities. Helping you fight your way through many enemies and bosses. And likewise, complimenting your gameplay with a detailed progression system. Making you stronger than you could ever imagine. But it will not be easy. Since nothing is ever easy. Get ready to Play. Die. Repeat.

Linux Support:

PositronX is developed on Unreal Engine 4. Which has out of the box support for Linux. So technically we can port to Linux in the future.

There is no timeframe for the Linux release. But looking at ProtonDB, support varies. Which I have not had a chance to personally test yet. So that native release is definitely welcome.
I did create a Discussions post to show your Tux Love or +1.

PositronX – Official Early Access Release:

The story behind PositronX? When humanity turns their eyes on a new planet called Kepler. In order to make preparations, they send The Machine Swarm there. A self deployable, self sustainable machine. Which is to be a cornerstone for the new colony. Gathering resources, constructing the colony compounds and a system that can sustain them. And also programmed to create other machines that can help with the process of creating the colony. Everything being overseen by an AI called Turing. Whose main objective is to prepare the planet for human embryos. Those that it was carried on a ship above Kepler. But, of course, something went wrong.

PositronX combines a retro FPS feeling with modern graphics. Plus roguelike mechanics. Offering gameplay like no other modern shooter. All based on the setup you choose to start with. So the choices you make during the game. A play-through can be either easier, harder or almost impossible to beat.
So don’t take it personally if you die too often. You are supposed to. And you will. There is also an ever growing database with information that updates with each run. After a few deaths, you should be getting the hang of it. You will be doing a lot better.
And what kills you just makes you stronger. With countless different combinations of weapons and upgrades. The game you play will never be the same.

PositronX roguelite fps is now available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $14.99 USD for Windows PC. But make sure to vote and show support for Linux. Hopefully we’ll have a port available soon.

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