POWER fast paced action to see support

power fps fast paced action game to see support for linux windows pc

POWER FPS a fast paced action game in development for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Atomic Lollypop. Currently available now on Steam Early Access for PC.

POWER all started with a design document. Which also specified the “hooks” of the video game. You know, those things that make a game “cool and unique”.
Atomic Lollypop, the development team behind POWER. Which consists of Kevin Bikhazi and Abel Korsmit. They came up with the organic looking terrain. Along with levels that are different every match. Plus the amazing dream-like jumps across valleys. And weapons so powerful they can destroy mountains. And of course, fast paced gameplay.
All of this while staying true to their vision of POWER. Creating a 3D Competitive Online Shooter. And naturally, the game has my attention. But where is Linux support?

We are using Unreal Engine 4 and plan to launch a Linux version soon.

Actually there is more to the replay. The developer states they are, “starting research into creating a Linux build.” Which is impressive, since the game just released on November 15th. Now expanding platform support, in Early Access. Kudos.

POWER: Capture the Flag Match!

POWER is a technical game that has a steep but fun learning curve. You travel at a 100 miles per hour. While jetpacking and skiing across procedural and destructible terrain. You have to lead targets with your weapon fire. Then blast through mountains, dig retreat tunnels, and find weapons/boosts. As well as collect health/shield artifacts, and more. Atomic Lollypop certainly feels it’s these complex elements that will resonate well with the Linux community. Plus the game deserver more attention. Along with further game modes.

Every match is procedurally generated. So every time you play it’s a new experience.

POWER has developed an incredibly engaged community and fan base. Helping us to improve the game every day,” said Kevin. “We look forward to the future of POWER. and continuing to bring new features and game modes into it.”

POWER FPS is a hopeful fast paced action game. Priced at $14.99 USD. And available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC. And above all…. LINUX!!

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