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Powerglove released for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, … and Commodore 64!

Matthias “Lazycow” Bock has brought something for those owners that still have your 30 year old Commodore 64, he has brought the #classic-era run ‘n’ gun #game, Powerglove to the fans. It was released as an entry in last year’s RGCD 16K #C64 Game Development Competition and it placed 3rd out of 15 games that were entered. It has been 9 whole months that have been filled with fixing bugs, tweaking and cramming additional levels and features that all fit into the tiny 16KB of available ROM space. Lazycow has announced that the game is now finally available to buy as an RGCD published physical C64 game cartridge and also you will be able to download it on the Linux, Mac and WindowsPC.

But that’s not all… In addition to all this awesomeness, over the past few months Matthias has also ported the game over to Linux, Mac and Windows PC, making Powerglove the first game to be simultaneously launched on the C64 and modern-day systems since, well, ever! This game is exclusive to, and stays true to the feeling of the original Commodore 64, even if there are some additions to the game like minor enhancements and optional artwork. You are able to download the game on your Linux, Mac, and Windows PC completely free! It is all donation based. Get your free copy here!

powerglove animated gif

In Powerglove, the features that you will experience include the following:

  • Classic run ‘n’ gun action!
  • Seven types of fiendish mechanical monsters to vanquish!
  • Cool stuff to collect (including Powerboots)!
  • Authentic and pimped C64 artwork!
  • SID Soundtrack by Cyborgjeff!
  • Controller support!

Here is the gameplay video for Powerglove:

So go to your attic or storage or where it may be and just brush off your Commodore 64, and grab your physical copy of this all-new-and improved C64 version of Powerglove. Along with getting your physical copy you will also get a 12-page printed manual, a bunch of vinyl stickers, and double-sided A3 poster/map print, plus an option of an A2/A3 poster set.

You can find out more information and see some of the screenshots from the game on their official game page. You can also follow Matthias Bock on Twitter and check out some of the other games on Lazycow’s official site.


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