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Precipice release date for war and diplomacy

precipice release date for war and diplomacy in linux mac windows game

Precipice has release date to bring war and diplomacy to Linux and Windows games. Thanks to Little Red Dog Games. Who are announcing the upcoming title. Precipice will launch May 1st on Steam.

Precipice will have you jumping into tense matches. Basically Cold War chicken in single player. And also against a rival in 2-player online matches.

Precipice is unique lends itself to missile crisis standoffs. While the last one to blink wins. But also make sure not to push too hard. Otherwise the whole world may be lost in war and diplomacy.
Since gameplay spans forty years of war. Between the United States and Soviet Union. This also forces players to decide when to push their actions. Or when to back down from them.

So due note, the advanced AI observes player behaviour. Also making guess and decisions about their rival’s personality. Including their character and intended strategy. While developing a plan of its own to counter. Plus gameplay features animals in suits.

Precipice Full Tour (Linux, Windows)

The games also draws loose inspiration from another title. Chris Crawford’s Balance of Power (1985). Plus GMT Games’ Twilight Struggle. “Precipice isn’t a wargame, it’s a game of subterfuge,” according to lead developer Ryan Hewer.

“You will send agents around the world. Protecting your closest allies. And changing unfavorable rulings. But not giving away your long term ambitions. For that reason, this game is a strategic gem. Where your success will depend squarely on your ability to misdirect your rival. And show bravery when it is needed.”


  • Tense strategy for one or two players in Precipice. Face a highly responsive and unpredictable AI. One that will also attempt to understand your strategy. Counter it at every turn. Or invite a friend. Then see if you can work together and avoid global disaster online.
  • World leaders from 72 countries. All realized as animals native to the region. Pawns in the nasty game of nuclear chicken.
  • Manage resources from territories under your control. Working to resolve immediate crises. Or win over future allies.
  • Recreate history, or forge your own path. Put a bear on the moon. The potentials are endless.
  • Simple, intuitive gameplay. That is also difficult to master.

The third commercial title from developer LRDGames. Precipice will retail for $11.99 USD. Launching on Linux and Windows.

At launch, it will feature Steam lobby integration. Also player rank unlockables and multiple map modes. Multiple AI settings and the likenesses of seventy-two world leaders. All caught in the crossfire between two global powers. So keep an eye out for that release date, May 1st.

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