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Prison Architect launch Features coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Remember the first time you played Prison Architect and helped #build the #execution chamber for Edward?  Well, we’ve extended this by four more stories for you to get your teeth into.  From the murder of the mafia don to the power-crazed mayor who believes stamping on the incarcerated will accelerate his career there’s a whole gaggle of new characters and themes for you to enjoy.

Bored of building prisons?  Switch to escape mode, load a random facility and take direct control of a prisoner and crack on with the important business of breaking out.  Earn experience points by shanking a guard, form up a posse of rough-necks and head to the armoury to shoot your way out or nick some tools from the workshop and start digging a tunnel hidden behind a picture of Raquel Welch.

All this and more will be available when Introversion Software launches v1.0 on October 6th, 2015.

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