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Prison Architect prison simulation now fully released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Prison Architect 1.0 will be the fully stable #release for the prison #construction and #management simulation game. All of this comes after 36 Alpha builds, which were available on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

“Thank-you.  It’s taken us five years of development and three years in early access, but we have made it.  Introversion Software in conjunction with every single gamer who joined in our alpha is proud to present Prison Architect V1.0

V1 contains a ton of bug fixes, escape mode, story mode, multiple languages, customisable wardens, achievements and a ton of other stuff to get you back in the warden’s chair”

Escape Mode

You can now load any prison, and attempt to escape from it, in this brand new game mode.  Steam customers can load any Steam Workshop prison, or even use the ‘Random’ button to be sent to a random steam workshop prison. There is a ‘HELP’ button that you can click on, in the bottom right of the screen.


There are two types of collectable item in the game.
As you discover them they will be added to the Extras menu.

  • Polaroids : All story based polaroid’s. Some are shown during cut-scenes.
    Some only occur in the sandbox and must be found.
  • Game Bible : The game design notebook has been scanned and can now be found
    throughout your prison. Keep your eyes out for scraps of paper on the floor within the sandbox.
    Click on those scraps to unlock another page.

Special Wardens

You can now select from one of six wardens, when creating a new prison.
Each Warden brings a special ability to the game.

  • The Warden : The default warden, offers no special abilities.
  • The Lobbyist : Halves likelyhood of Violent/Lethal/Deadly inmates arriving
  • Rita : Diminishes effect of Stoical / Fearless. Doubles effect of Suppression.
  • J.W.Periwinkle : Guard dogs have a 50% chance to immediately uncover tunnels
  • The Pacifier : Permanent 25 point reduction in prison temperature
  • Saphara Acknova: Corruption! Receives a backhand payment for all contraband found

Should you be one of the few that do not own Prison Architect, the game is available on Steam with a 33% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC until October 13th.


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