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Prodeus first person shooter is missing support?

prodeus first person shooter is missing support in linux gaming and mac but releases on windows pc

Prodeus first person shooter is missing support in Linux gaming as well as Mac, but releases on Windows PC. Thankfully developer Bounding Box Software has plans going forward. Since the game is now available via Humble Store, GOG and Steam Early Access.

Prodeus a first person shooter with and old school style. While now releasing as re-imagined using modern rendering styles. Due to reach the quality you would expect from a AAA experience. While keeping to some of the creative technical limits of older hardware. The only thing missing for this release is a Linux build.

Since a few people managed to download the previous Linux port. Developer Bounding Box Software has removed support from Steam. At least for the time being and focusing on Windows PC development. While the Prodeus Wiki page does outline Linux and Mac support. Which is now disappointing native players on Steam. So we reached out to the developers, who are optimistic about Linux gaming.

Not today, but we’ll be working on it. Just no timeline as of yet.

So the main reason for the lack of support is simply, “due to the fact that the game isn’t ready, we didn’t want to have it available for purchase.” And while development is using Unity 3D, it looks like the missing support is on the way. But as stated above, there is “no timeline as of yet.” The game just launched into Early Access. Which usually poses an issue for new games in development for Linux. And in turn, Bounding Box wants to issue a better build to support the community.

Prodeus | Early Access Release Date Announce

Prodeus features a hand crafted campaign from industry FPS veterans. A fully integrated level editor and a built-in community map browser for instant action. While giving players nearly limitless levels to play. Early Access will help add to the current 3-5 hours of gameplay. But even now, the game holds a 97% Very Positive review score on Steam.

Despite the developers still finalizing the game’s roadmap. The Early Access period is due to last roughly 8-12 months to complete Prodeus. That being said, the gameplay already offers quite a bit.

Our Art Style:

  • An creative mix of high quality 3D art and retro rendering styles
  • Over the top visual effects (Explosions! Blood! Gore! Oh My!)
  • Infinite blood and a satisfyingly gory dismemberment system


  • Visceral and engaging combat scenarios
  • Heavy duty weaponry
  • Dynamic heavy metal soundtrack from Andrew Hulshult
  • A multitude of secrets to discover


  • Built-in community map browser
  • Advanced but easy to use level editor
  • Tons of difficulty and game modes with online high score support

Prodeus is the development project for Michael Voeller and Jason Mojica of Bounding Box Software. The two also have a combined 25 years FPS development experience. Including a host of talented freelance artists and designers.

Prodeus first person shooter is available now Humble Store, GOG and Steam Early Access. Priced at $24.99 USD. Releasing on Windows PC, but due to arrive in Linux gaming and on Mac.

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