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Programmer’s day update hits Rail Route

programmers-day-update-hits-rail-route day game update 8 hits rail route on linux mac windows pc

Programmer’s day game update 8 hits Rail Route on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the work and creative effort of the developer Still coming in strong with positive reviews on Steam Early Access.

Falling on the 100th hexadecimal day of the year (or, to non-programmers, the 256th day of the year). If you missed Programmer’s day, this is a celebration of the profession that brings us, among other things, video games. To Rail Route, though, the day also serves as an even more special occasion. Due to revel over the software that allows our trains to run on time. Since this is what the game is based on.

“Programmer’s day serves special importance to the Rail Route team. So, without modern dispatching software, our trains wouldn’t run on time!” Rail Route creator Zdeněk Doležal says. “Since we’re so inspired by the real-life dispatching software. We wanted to pay homage to its creators. And those who use it daily, in terms of a themed update.”

Rail Route – Tutorial Update Trailer

Programmer’s day

In revel in thanks for the real-life computer aided dispatching systems (and the programmers that created them). The Rail Route’s Update 8 is adding advanced programmability functions to the game. Due to Programmer’s day, the game now includes the ability to better program in-game sensors and signals. Which will also better respond to all kinds of scenarios. And, don’t worry – no need to be a programmer yourself. Rail Route’s programmability options are all made easy and accessible. Including sleek UI changes and drop-down boxes.

And to improve the feel of a Programmer as a Dispatcher. are including some new configuration options for the arrival and routing sensors.

Rail Route’s Update 8 for Programmer’s day also comes with a 20% discount on Steam. Dropping the price to $15.99 USD / £12.39 / 13,99€ until September 19th. Along with ongoing support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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