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Project 5: Sightseer broken water has a fix

project 5 sightseer sandbox rpg broken water has a fix for linux

Project 5: Sightseer the open world multiplayer sandbox game has a fix for the broken water in Linux. The announcement is available on Steam. But this marks a solid improvement.

Linux broken water fix:

This update brings full Linux support (no more broken water!) as well as making the game available on Mac OSX. Thank you all for your patience. 🙂

If you are interested in the full patch notes, you can find them in their usual place (p5notes).

Last but not least, I just want to extend a big thank you. To all the players who have been testing out this update for the past few weeks on the development branch on Steam. Without your feedback and bug reports, this update wouldn’t be possible — so thanks!!

Since the broken water was a setback for Project 5: Sightseer. It’s a huge pleasure to finally have the fix. Which should hopefully bring a few Linux gamers back into the mix.

So this is some positive news. And the PvE update is finally available as well. The promised update really expands the PvE part of the game. Adding random encounters, raids and skills to the game.

Some of the Features:

  • Random Encounters

    You will now encounter random NPCs in your travels. These can vary from helpful — such as giving you free items, to useful. Such as traveling traders, to downright hostile, namely pirates. To trade with NPCs, simply drag the items onto them. A full, proper trade interface will be added in a coming update. And speaking of trades, neutral NPC outposts and traveling traders. These will now buy your items of quality +1 or higher. Just in case you are short on credits.

  • Raids

    While the NPC outposts added in the Part 1 of the PvE update are still there. You can now expect the previously docile non-player factions to be far less welcoming. Since you are taking their territory and outposts. You will be subject to retaliation strikes after capturing outposts.

    And your own outposts will also be periodically raided by enemies. Be sure to protect them by building meaningful defenses. Also keep in mind that as you defeat more and more raids. They will get progressively more challenging. With proportionally better loot.
    Plus you can even issue a challenge to effectively summon a raid to your outpost manually.

Project 5: Sightseer (Linux, Mac and Windows)

  • Skills

    To help you combat the new threats. Player will now have access to a fairly extensive number of skills at your disposal. Certain skills are innate. Such as the ability to repair, capture outposts and use hydraulics. Wwhile others are granted by items.

    All weapons have different special abilities. So these this will increase their damage for a short time. But don’t expect to find them available to you. Unless you install proper computers into your vehicle’s internal slots.

    The unique thing about skills in Project 5: Sightseer is that they don’t have set cooldown timers. Instead, all cooldowns are “soft”. They won’t prevent you from trying to activate the skill again. While chances of it succeeding are dependant on the remaining cooldown time.

    As an example, if you have 3 seconds remaining of a 10 second cooldown. There is a 30% chance that activating the skill will simply fail. Therefore resetting the cooldown and possibly wasting resources. This makes it possible to risk activating life-saving skills early. Such as in-combat repairs. That is if you happen to be close to death anyway and have nothing to lose.

    As an extra bonus, certain skills can even completely change the feel of the part itself. Such as one of the Railgun’s skills allowing you to instantly fire off a shot instead of waiting for it to charge. Sensor jammer’s Electromagnetic Pulse disabling all hostile weapons in the area. Or the scanning pulse on the externally mounted (non-prototype) radar. Instantly identifying everything in range.

  • Threat System

    Project 5: Sightseer now features a proper threat generation and management system. with threat reduction or increase coming both from skills and items. This makes it possible for players to assume certain roles in combat. Such as a “tank” and “dps”, protecting others by pulling aggro as needed.

  • Healing Role

    There is now a new weapon type in the game that shoots regenerative projectiles that effectively heal your target. This finally fills the previously absent “healer” role within the game. Be sure to pair this weapon with Mk3 combat computers that provide hull regeneration as they can greatly improve the weapon’s functionality.

  • Redesigned Tech Tree

    The technology tree has a redesign. Offering faster research early on, as well as sooner access to early land vehicles such as Puma and Cobra. Along with the increase of finding vehicle wrecks out in the field this should make getting out of the Scarab take less time.

  • Weapon Progression

    Tier 2 and 3 weapons are now part of the game. Boosting the possible damage output. Also note that certain skills, such as Volley that instantly fires all weapon barrels. Mixing very well with certain weapons that have more barrels! Tier 2 and 3 weapons can’t be crafted manually — but can be both found as loot in outposts as well as during raids and random encounters.

  • New and Redesigned Vehicles

    Many of the vehicles have a re-design, giving them a clear role. For example, the LV-01 has gained a built-in dome shield and now features 2 power generator slots as well as the highest shield regeneration rate per point of power of any vehicle, while the Interceptor is now the fastest flying vehicle (not counting the rare Shuttle, of course).

Project 5: Sightseer is also discounted 10% via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. These are definitely some vast improvements. Particularly since the broken water now has a fix. Kudos Tasharen Entertainment.

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