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Project Apax turn base JRPG to get a port

project apax turn base jrpg game to get a port for linux with windows pc

Project Apax turn base JRPG game to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Boreal Mist Studio. Which is available to Wishlist on Steam.

Independent game developers Boreal Mist Studio just announced that their game Project Apax. Which is due to release in 2022.
Which is a nostalgic old school RPG with a deep story and interactive battle system. All taking inspiration by great classics like Final Fantasy IX or Golden Sun.

With an appealing anime style and neat VFX, Project Apax immerses you in an animated movie. Join Laia and Evan, two young graduated Apprentices from the Kingdom of Agni. Doing so in their adventure to face the powerful Kingdom of Gea.

On top of all this, Project Apax will offer a Linux port. At least according to recent details from Boreal Mist Studio.

Yes! We’re working on it.

You can see the Discussions comment on Steam. Which is certainly good news for the Unity 3D game.
Additionally, Project Apax will soon be launched on Kickstarter. Due to help developers fund the development and production of the game.

Project Apax also offers a Window PC Demo. This is available on Steam and works well on Linux via Proton. Actually, the gameplay offers some classic style with modern graphics and controller support. And the game’s visuals evening setting is also very well done. It’s worth a look and it’s free to try.

Project Apax turn based JRPG Trailer


Battle mode

Exploration mode in Project Apax

  • 3 continents and 10 cities, with over 80 hours of content
  • Interactive environment
  • Rewarding puzzles
  • Explorable dungeons
  • Two encounter modes: random encounters and visible enemies

The world of Project Apax, Iberis was at peace. Gone are the times of the Great Conflict, which was about to end the world as it is known. Nations that ruled their vast lands evolved and their people also lived peacefully in thriving cities. The threat is once known as The Collapse, which would disrupt the balance of the known world. Since it would lead it to its destruction, was nothing more than a tale to scare children at night.

Conflicting cults began to emerge trying to shape society and governments. All due to awaken an ancient menace. The five great pillars, major seals from a dark power, began to rumble, heralding the arrival of a new era. Iberis is at the beginning of a new stage which can mark a cruel and tragic destiny for the Project Apax world. Unless the prophecy comes true and the Anointed appear to face this threat. Since none knew what this trip was going to bring. Nor the outcomes that the failure could bring.

Project Apax the turn base JRPG game can be Wishlisted on Steam. Due to make its way onto Linux and Windows PC in late 2022. Which is working to make its way onto Kickstarter soon.

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