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Project Apidom MOBA-RPG hybrid has hope

project apidom combines moba and rpg game to make its way onto linux and mac after windows pc with a demo

Project Apidom combines MOBA and RPG game is due to makes its way onto Linux and Mac after Windows PC with a Demo. All of this has being made possible thanks to the team at, a group of talented creators. Now with a playable Demo on Steam.

Let me introduce you to the free to play Project Apidom by the folks at It’s a MOBA and RPG adventure that takes you into an epic, unique universe where you can compete and show your skills. Plus it looks like Project Apidom will get native support as well.

Linux Support

Our team is planning to work on Linux and Mac OS support in the near future…
Project Apidom is based on Unity, and from what we already tried, it should be a relatively simple process to add Linux support. just sent an email update! Right now, they’re really buckling down to make Project Apidom as great as possible on Windows. But, Linux players have hope. They’ve assured me that they’ll be adding Linux support for the game soon. They’re even using Unity 3D for the development, which makes it easier to bring this mix of MOBA and RPG to various platforms. And, Project Apidom is free to play.

In the world of Pangea, it was a place where three different groups lived: the Techs, Brutes, and Remains. The Techs were clever and nimble, always dabbling with crazy gadgets. The Brutes were tough guys who didn’t worry about wasting anything, since they had heaps of resources. And then there were the Remains, who could use some elemental magic tricks.

But in Project Apidom, the Techs and Brutes started fighting over control. As a result, they ended up waking ancient and angry beings known as the Ancients. The Ancients of course are very strong, and they almost wiped out everything.

To escape this disaster, the Techs and Brutes moved to the Breach. It’s like an empty pocket, in reality, a place where they couldn’t be harmed. They used their tech to create Apidoms. These are like robot bodies that their minds could live in, without needing food or sleep.

In Project Apidom, you step into the shoes of an Apidom, who returns to Pangea to search for items and resources. Due to using them to fight against the Ancients someday.

Official Project Apidom trailer

So, what do you do in this Project Apidom experience? You’re in one of three groups of three players each. So your goal is to beat the Osig, a treasure guardian, after defeating a bunch of minions. Once you defeat the Osig, you can search for the treasure it was guarding.

Finding the treasure means in Project Apidom means winning the game. The rewards include things like crafting materials, weapons, armor, and experience points. As you gather these items, your Apidom can become even better, faster, and more powerful.

They’re also giving you a selection of items you can use in Project Apidom. Three weapon options (a bow, sword, and axe), and five armor styles like Samurai, Templar, Aztec, Neko, and Spartan. Plus, there will be a bunch of abilities for you to play around with. Being a mix of MOBA and RPG, you can expect those things to be healing and AoE perks.

There’s a demo of Project Apidom available for Windows PC, which is playable on Steam via Proton 7.0-6. You’ll you can play as either the Brutes or Techs, and they’re planning on adding the Remains in the future. You’ll fight minions and the Osig, and search for the treasure. Although you won’t get items or resources in the demo. But the free to play game release date is TBD, although coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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