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Project Bliss on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, Windows

Enlightened Games is seeking $150,000 to fund its personally inspired 3D-adventure, Bliss, the game’s Kickstarter page revealed last week.

Bliss draws inspiration from Lead Designer Eric Blomquist’s personal struggle with anxiety. The game follows the protagonist’s ascent from rock bottom on a sprawling quest through the landscape of Nexus to heal and live well. Seven statues and their corresponding doors will be scattered across Nexus, each of which will bear a set of challenges related to the statue’s crisis. Aiding a statue by overcoming these obstacles will reward players with new abilities like sprinting and manipulating objects.

Bliss is a fantasy puzzle adventure game where the player makes the powerful choice to take control of their own destiny to explore a sacred and mystical land full of physical challenges, inner discovery, and healing. Bliss is about walking towards the path of enlightenment or our truth. Shining light on the darkness, accepting who we are, and freeing ourselves from the shackles of unhealthy patterns.

The Bliss Kickstarter campaign ends on September 6 and the game will launch by April 2014 if funded, but a demo is available on the game’s Kickstarter page right now for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The reason we believe so deeply in this project is because we feel there are people out there like us who want this type of experience. One that everyone should have the freedom to creatively express themselves – but we want to go deeper into the rabbit hole. And we strongly believe in our hearts that this experience of discovery, challenge, and healing will open up many peoples’ eyes to what games are capable of.


Designers note about the demo:

This pre-alpha build is not representative of the final game – it is a proof of design for what we are aiming for visually. By release the game it will have tight controls, animations, and game play. Thank you for understanding this is still a work in progress!


Instructions :
This game was designed for controller use but has keyboard functionality as well. The current build only supports 1080p.
(Make sure the controller is on before you launch the game otherwise it won’t work.)

Left Joystick – WASD (Movement)

B Button – Spacebar (Action)

Y Button – F Key (Center follow camera)

Start Button – Return Key




Here’s a gameplay preview of an early pre-alpha build!

Bliss Kickstarter campaign

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