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Project Hospital strategy management launches

project hospital strategy management launches on linux mac windows

Project Hospital strategy management sim launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also available with a discount on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Become an aspiring architect in Project Hospital, a successful manager and an ace doctor all at the same time. So design your very own hospital, tweak every detail. Or just use one of the predefined models and just jump to the doctor’s duty.
You can also contract different insurance companies to gain access to patients. Who comes with interesting medical conditions, perform examinations and laboratory tests. While using various equipment to solve the diagnostic puzzles. Treat your patients by various methods and gain reputation to access different departments and the most advanced equipment.

Focus on any aspect of the game. Since this might be fun, trying to keep your staff and patients happy.
Do you aim to cure as many people as possible or solve the most complicated cases? Or do you maybe want to become the best manager and make biggest profit? Project Hospital will let you choose your priorities!

Project Hospital strategy management Trailer (Linux,Mac, Windows)


  • Build your hospital: use a variety of objects, materials and colors to make it truly yours. Or save your time and use one of many different prefabs.
  • Manage your staff: from hiring to specializations, from doctors to janitors. Also making sure everybody is doing a great job and finds satisfaction in their work.
  • Diagnose patients: help your doctors and walk them through the most complicated cases. Or just follow your favorite patients.
  • Build new exciting departments: from simple ER to specialized departments with labs and advanced equipment. You can also build and improve your ability to help the patients leave your hospital happy and healthy.
  • Explore hundreds of medical conditions: learn about real world diseases and injuries. Since you have what it takes to diagnose and cure them.
  • Help us create your own game: let Oxymoron Games know what you miss and become a part of defining the future of the game. Or mod in your very own content for you and your friends.

Available launches and Price

Since Project Hospital strategy management is available with a 10% discount until November 6th. With launches on Steam, GOG and Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows.