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Project Phoenix Japan’s Indie RPG coming to Linux

After a busy week of planning, Project Phoenix has opened its Kickstarter page to those who wish to make this JPRG game a reality.

As a Japanese RPG with squad-based real-time strategy elements, Project Phoenix looks to change the way Japanese games are made. To start, it is bringing a team of talented developers and artists from around the world and using that body of knowledge and experience to create a roleplaying game that blends Western design with Japanese aesthetics. Already, the design decisions and East-West influences are evident.

“The JRPGs of old really meant something in everyone’s hearts and minds here at our team, and we really want to pick up where they left off and advance, not just replicate them,” said Project Phoenix founder and Director Hiroaki Yura. “That being said, Dungeons & Dragons and books by Tolkien have given us great inspiration to our project and we also understand the great strengths and innovations achieved by Western developers.”

“What I love about this project is the combination of Japanese and Western styles,” adds Vaughan Smith, Project Phoenix’s lead game designer. “The amazing Japanese inspired character designs and art are so cute and nostalgic, but they lend themselves to strong silhouettes that will make characters and enemies stand out on the battlefield.”

project phoenix japan iIndie rpg coming to linux, mac, pc, and android

What is Project Phoenix?

Project Phoenix is a fantasy themed squad-based real-time strategy game combined with Japanese RPG design influences.  The game draws you in with its breathtaking fantasy world, deep storyline, Japanese character designs, and a memorable cast, most notably, the band of heroes under your command.  Furthermore, its intuitive real-time tactical combat is dynamic, fluid, and streamlined, allowing you to experience the strategic options without being bogged down by overwhelming archaic battle systems.

Throughout the adventure, players will piece together the mysteries of an angel with amnesia and travel through the land of Azuregard with an unusual band of heroes searching for answers.

Project Phoenix is being produced by some of the greatest creative talents in the video game industry, with credits including several Final Fantasies, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Valkyria Chronicles, L.A. Noire, Diablo III, Halo 4, Crysis 3, and much more.  Many have boldly committed ourselves to this ambitious project in a creative leap of faith  with the goal of changing the direction of the Japanese game industry. Now Creative Intelligence Arts need the extra push that only funding can give to help us move forward and complete the game!

What Platforms will Project Phoenix Support?

Mainly for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam and the Project Phoenix website. iOS and Android will have a different version to the PC counterparts due to limitations.
Creative Intelligence Arts are also working to have the game released on PlayStation 4 and other platforms but is yet to be confirmed.

Estimated release: Mid-2015.

Number of Players: This game is primarily a single player game and Creative Intelligence Arts would like to focus on that aspect. They do have ideas for multiplayer and co-op modes but only if the multiplayer stretch goal is achieved.

Project Phoenix is a SQUAD-BASED, REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME combined with strong Japanese RPG design influences, brought to you by top Eastern and Western creators who have worked on many blockbuster game titles.

Story and Gameplay

The orcish clans, mankind’s ancient enemy, have begun migrating from the mountains and their raids upon human settlements become more brazen and audacious by the day. If this wasn’t enough, the denizens of the southern coastal regions hear rumor of the free men who, once vanquished, have emerged, more organized than before, all with the goal of toppling the Empire. Amidst the stirrings of war, the elves watch a fateful star and recognize it as a portent that will decide the fate of all those who live in Azuregard.

Project Phoenix is a sprawling adventure in which you explore a vast, rich land and do battle against formidable enemies. The gameplay eschews micromanagement in favour of a focused Real Time Strategy system enhanced by JRPG elements. You can level your characters and teach them new abilities but at the same time they behave intelligently when you are not controlling them directly.

Why Dontate to Project Phoenix?

Project Phoenix brings together a group of world-class professionals with a unified vision of how JRPGs ought to be and are determined to bring that vision to life without major studio backing! Each member of the team has taken a creative leap of faith in joining the project. Many of them have taken time out of their personal schedule to contribute their expertise towards Project Phoenix’s success.  So while everyone has donated a lot of their time, there’s only so much more Creative Intelligence Arts can do for free. Getting the necessary funds to create the 3D character models would be a major step towards achieving our lofty goals. 

Check out the Kickstarter


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