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Project Winter roadmap and support update

project winter roadmap and linux support update in windows games

Project Winter now releases a roadmap with the games latest Linux support update. Since developers Other Ocean sees the demise of many a survivor and traitors. And in the last two weeks since launching into Steam Early Access.

Many of the best betrayals were caught on camera. So check out the new gameplay video. Featuring some of the world’s top gaming influencers.

Project Winter – Betray your friends

After a busy launch into Early Access. Other Ocean has no plans to slow down. So they are releasing a Project Winter roadmap. Which also details their plans for the game. Both during Early Access and beyond. But what about Linux?

Linux support:

“We will look into it. But it won’t be until after we get into 1.0. Main focus right now is on getting the game in a good spot. Stability wise and playability.”

While this is great. It looks like we will not see Linux support for a while. Since this is Early Access. And developers tend to keep focus on one platform at a time. Which is definitely the case here.

So, for the sake of issuing an update. Here are a few of the upgrades and improvements. This is what’s coming for Project Winter in the months ahead. Well, part of the roadmap:

In-Game Upgrades

  • Host your own lobbies, with the option of password protecting them for private sessions with friends. See what the primary language of a lobby is and join the one you prefer.
  • New maps with more varied objectives and chances to sabotage!
  • New cosmetics and event-based progression trees
  • More varied weapons in Project Winter. Such a silent crossbow and automatic rifles
  • Nvidia Highlights to capture those traitorous moments
  • + More

Survivor Upgrades

  • A rare truth serum that will privately reveal another player’s role to the user
  • Items like energy drinks can be found and used. Giving players extra health, warmth or hunger stats. Allowing them to stay out and survive longer
  • When few survivors remain in Project Winter. They will receive a special airdrop that can’t be accessed by traitors. Giving them a chance to repair the objectives on their own or go out in a blaze of glory
  • + More

Traitor Upgrades

  • Swap outfits with a corpse and confuse your enemies!
  • Traitors will be able to see the traps placed by their comrade
  • New traitor airdrop abilities in Project Winter. Example: reveal the survivor’s health bars above their heads
  • Traitors will have an expanded arsenal of unique contextual actions for interfering with the survivors, enabling them to better slow the survivors down at the risk of being identified
  • + More

Visit Project Winter’s Website to see the full list of improvements. Also the upgrades and additions update. While Early Access progresses to full launch.

Since game development is using Unity 3D. If you are looking to explore Project Winter. The games playable via Proton. Having tested it myself.

Project Winter is available on both Steam and Humble Store. With an active Windows build. While Linux is coming later. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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