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Project Wunderwaffe is due to build a secret base

project wunderwaffe build a secret base in a game for linux and windows pc

Project Wunderwaffe build a secret base in a game for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the modern creativity of developer Gameparic. Which is due to make it’s way onto Steam.

Project Wunderwaffe is a game developed by Gameparic on its course for release. This is due to be a mix of RTS and base builder simulator games. All created in an alternate reality of World World II, where not much has changed. Besides the fact, that the third Reich is on its last stretch to develop the Wunderwaffe. This is a miracle weapon that could turn the tides of war.

Having caught details about Project Wunderwaffe, its only right to ask about Linux support. According to the Discussions post, it looks like Linux will see a post launch release.

Probably in the future yes, now we want to focus on optimizing the game for PC with Windows.

To get a better understanding of waht Project Wunderwaffe is all about, watch the video. While the developer shows you how the tides of World War II can be turned by your decisions.

Project Wunderwaffe – First Gameplay

Project Wunderwaffe will have you build a secret base and fortify it. Doing so against the incoming attack of the Allied forces. Create your own unique strategies and optimize them. Since this will help lead you to victory in your battles. But to crush your enemies the development of Wunderwaffe is a must. Arrange your tasks and challenge every difficulty that will stand in your way. Don’t let the win in the war go to the Allied Forces.

Project Wunderwaffe will take you back into the realities war, the end of which seems to be near. Germany is now just a shadow of its power. Your order is to build a secret base for the military and construct weapons of unprecedented power. Will you be capable of turning the tide of war?

Project Wunderwaffe base builder is due to make its way onto Steam. So be sure to Wishlist. While offering support for Linux, after the Windows PC launch.

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