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Project Zero Deaths a fast platform shooter

project zero deaths a free to play fast platform shooter for linux mac windows pc games

Project Zero Deaths is a free to play yet fast paced platform shooter in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer UAB Detis. Who also released the game back on June 12th. Available on Steam with a 79% positive review rating.

Project Zero Deaths is a fun action filled game. So expect a fast paced platform shooter on Steam. But the games also available on iOS and Android.
This is a hectic, physics-based, free-to-play game. And online multiplayer platform shooter. While allowing gamers to jump into frantic battles in dynamic maps. Doing so either solo or with friends. As you fighting in various wild game modes.

Project Zero Deaths will have you choose between seven different characters. All with unique skills and upgrades. So you can customize every aspect of their character and fighting gear.
While you put their skills to the test. Playing a varied selection of team vs. team game modes. Ranging from the classic Capture the Flag. Also the exciting Bomb Delivery or Payload to the frantic Ring Collecting.
Feel their adrenaline pumping while you fight in various dynamic maps. All with destructible environments and physics based traps. So be vigilant in combat.

Project Zero Deaths Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Features include:

  • FIGHT ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS IN ACTION-PACKED ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Team up with your friends or other fighters from all over the world to fight in super-fast online matches! Your skill makes the difference in Project Zero Deaths. This is perfectly balanced F2P experience. So only the best warriors reach victory!
  • PHYSICS-BASED AND DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTS: Bounce grenades off the wall into your enemies’ faces. You can also destroy bridges under their feet. Or simply push them into a black hole. Even block their way with heavy objects. Since physics is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal!
  • CHOOSE YOUR HERO BETWEEN UNIQUE CHARACTERS: Pick the hero that best adapts to your playstyle. Choosing between seven unique characters (more coming soon!) in Project Zero Deaths. Each of them has their own sets of skills. Wanna go fast? Rookie is ready for you! Is stealth your thing? You can be sneaky and surprise your enemies! Want to create mayhem and destruction? There are characters perfect for creating chaos.

Game Modes and Weapons:

  • PICK YOUR WEAPON FROM AN INSANELY VARIED ARMORY: From simple plasma guns to portable black hole launchers. There are also explosive spears. The armory has all kinds of crazy weapons to satisfy ever fighter! So try them out and find your favorite weapons. The customize and upgrade them to hone your destructive capabilities. You know, making sure you get the full potential.
  • FOUR COMPETITIVE GAME MODES IN VARIED MAPS: Four different team vs. team game modes. So you never get bored with the rules in Project Zero Deaths! Hoard rings and fight to protect your treasure in Harvest. While you bring the flag to your base in classic Capture the Flag. Or set a bomb in your enemies’ base in Bombing Run. But make sure to protect your payload all the way in Payload. Every game mode has its own set of unique maps, up to a total of 30 maps!

Project Zero Deaths will be constantly evolving. Since the games in Early Access on Steam. Staying there for roughly 3 months. Which is expected to launch in September 2019. So look for regular update releases with new content. Such as characters, weapons, maps and game modes. The game design will always have something new waiting. Since the experience is always changing.

Playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And it’s free to play, so check it out.

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