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Projekt Z: Beyond Order offers a deeper look

projekt z: beyond order first person zombie co-op shooter game has a new trailer for linux windows pc

Projekt Z: Beyond Order first person zombie co-op shooter game has a new trailer for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing work and effort of developer 314 Arts. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Let’s dive into what Projekt Z: Beyond Order. The game takes place in World War II, but not the version in the history books. Instead, it’s a chilling, alternate version where intense events take place.

So here you are, a soldier who crash lands on a mysterious island controlled by none other than the Nazis. The island isn’t just home to enemy forces, but to hordes of zombies too!

This isn’t just the Projekt Z: Beyond Order storyline. Since you will join a diverse team of soldiers on this island, each soldier brings something unique to the table. Everyone has a special ability which makes them essential for the mission. Their goal? To uncover the haunting secrets of a top-secret Nazi experiment. This plan is called “Projekt Z”, designed by the Nazis with the idea of using zombies as weapons. All due to tip the scales of war in their favor. It sounds like something straight out of a movie.

Projekt Z: Beyond Order Trailer

Alright, onto some there details of Projekt Z: Beyond Order. Once you’re on the island, you’ll have the chance to set up and customize a safe place called a “Hideout”. Think of it as your personal headquarters! Plus, a soldier’s best friend is their weapon. In this game, not only do you get to choose weapons, but you can also craft and upgrade them for further destruction.

But that’s not all. As you navigate the island, you’ll find hidden treasures and solve intriguing puzzles. Plus, you’ll have the option to choose Projekt Z: Beyond Order missions based on your character’s storyline. Giving you a unique first person zombie co-op shooter experience every time you dive in.

This experience was highlighted at “Fear Fest”, an event that celebrates everything eerie and chilling. Showcasing some of the most exciting upcoming titles for thrill seekers. There’s already a lot of attention for Projekt Z: Beyond Order since its reveal a while ago. As a result, you know it’s something worth checking out on Linux.

If you like the Projekt Z: Beyond Order trailer and you’re keen to know more, keep an eye on the official website. Due to making its way onto Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the first person zombie co-op shooter on Steam.

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