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Projekt Z FPS coop shooter seeks funding

projekt z fps coop shooter game seeks funding for both linux and windows pc

Projekt Z WW2 FPS coop shooter game seeks funding for both Linux and Windows PC. All due to the creative efforts that developer 314 Arts put to the grind. The crowdfunding campaign is going strong via Kickstarter.

Projekt Z is a free to play first-person coop shooter. The game also takes place in a WW2 Zombie scenario on a secret German island. Which is actually a project run by the Nazis to turn Zombies, which have been discovered on the island earlier, into weapons. Due to turn the war around in Nazi Germany’s favor.
Although now live, the Kickstarter already has 15% funding towards the $105,242 USD (€100,000) goal. All due to end on May 29th, 2022.

So let’s explain the monetization aspect of Projekt Z. This is actually very similar to a modern-day AAA game. The difference is that the base game is free. New characters will come as both, paid DLC-style releases, and the option to buy all characters for a season, at a discount. While offering free, new characters as well. Each character comes with a unique weapon variant. One that is also specific to their backstory, skins, and a whole new mission.

Projekt Z Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Projekt Z will also have you play through the coop story with your friends. So you have to work to find food, water, gas, and other resources. Giving the people in your hub a chance to survive. Find other survivors (NPCs) during the missions and shelter them. But be aware, that every decision you and your friends make will influence the morale inside the hub (your base). This means you will also have to decide what will happen to the people that do not follow the rules. Be a leader and prioritize the resources you find. Are you going to upgrade your weapons and characters, or do you help someone? It’s all up to you and your friends. Projekt Z is not just a basic zombie coop game, it’s a management game.

Story Missions have a 100% focus on progressing with the main story. They are also more linear in general when you compare them to Supply Missions.

Supply Missions are optional missions that are rather open ended. Doing so in terms of length and level design. The main purpose is to fill your stack, gather new survivors, and conquer back the island. But you can do that in the Story Mission as well. Yet Supply Missions are specially designed to fulfill that purpose.

Unity is the game engine that 314 Arts has almost 10 years of experience with. Due to leverage the full power of the engine, as shown by the transition from their first game Vengeance to Projekt Z.

Projekt Z WW2 FPS coop shooter is live via Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Coming to both Linux and Windows PC in November 2024. Also, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.