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Prosperous Universe gets a huge content update

prosperous universe gets a huge content update for linux mac windows pc

Prosperous Universe space economy MMO launched a huge content update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Simulogics. Those who are eager to play the Free browser game.

Prosperous Universe now allows residents to elect a planetary Governor. Since the winner can now set taxes and fees. Those that are collected by their Corporation. And while the core systems are subject to pressure protecting newcomers. You can now reach planets further out. Which are entirely at the mercy of their ruler.

‘Expanse’ is the latest in a series of content updates. Since this encourages players to spread out. Going further into the far reaches of space to build new colonies. Next, developer simulogics will focus on extending the space flight and shipping systems.

Prosperous Universe F2P Release Trailer

Thousands of players have signed up since Prosperous Universe. Releasing their first public version in December of 2018. The game went free-to-play earlier this year. While staying true to its promise of avoiding microtransactions completely. The so-called “First Access” phase is going to run for several more months. This will also encompass multiple game world resets. And once the game fully launches, its universe will become endless. This is a unique game.


  • Prosperous Universe is a massively multiplayer economy sandbox simulation in a realistic sci-fi setting played through a customizable expert user interface in your web browser.
  • Your company. Your choices. || Set your own goals and find your own ways. Mine resources, design spaceships, deliver goods, or trade commodities, stocks, currencies and information in a vivid, player-driven economy. Thanks to a grind-free experience, the success of your company is not limited by the time you invest.
  • Real world. Real consequences. || From orbital mechanics to the stock market, reality has guided the design of Prosperous Universe. Understanding and exploiting complex systems is the key to success. Realism will not be sacrificed to pay-to-win shenanigans – your money is no good here.
  • One universe. One economy. || All players compete and cooperate in the same, ever-expanding universe. Every resource and commodity can and must be provided by real people. Every price is determined by supply and demand on real-time exchanges 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Prosperous Universe offers a free to play model. There are also various First Access Licenses. Should you choose to back the game. And also help fund development and get some great perks in return. Playable via web browser on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Check it out.

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