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Prosperous Universe now has Liquidity

prosperous universe economic mmorpg game to get Liquidity update for linux and windows pc

Prosperous Universe economic MMORPG game to get Liquidity update for Linux and Windows PC. All of these amazing upgrades are due to the relentless hard work and creativity of simulogics. Currently available via Steam Early Access.

On July 27th, 2023, Prosperous Universe will receive its tenth major update, Liquidity. This is a massive online experience, more of a simulation, where Linux players run their own intergalactic empire.

Now let’s dig into what’s new in the Liquidity game update. First up, Prosperous Universe will receive leaderboards. Due to let players show off their success and see how others stack up.

Then there’s a new addition to space trading: three new loan contract templates. All due to let you send and receive deals privately. So that players can loan out hard earned space funds to other players, new or experienced. Adding a whole new way to play Prosperous Universe.

They’ve also making life a lot easier with several quality of life changes. Recent folks you’ve made deals with are suggested for your next contracts. So, when you’re plotting a course for your ship, not only do you get auto suggestions for places, but you also see how much fuel you will use, percentage wise. Helpful for those long interstellar voyages.

Prosperous Universe – Early Access Trailer

Building repair is simpler with the Building Repair Assistant, or BRA. Just enter the address of your base, and it’s auto-selected for you. Plus, they’ve made it easy to access BRA right from the Prosperous Universe base menu.

The financial overview also has an upgrade. You can scroll through more than a hundred transactions, and there’s no bottom, so keep scrolling. If you’re about to do something on contract that’s being canceled, the sim now gives you a heads-up. There’s also a new warning for rookies about the risks of investing goods in population projects in their first week.

Prosperous Universe economic MMORPG began back in 2018 when the release of its first public version. Going free to play in 2019 and they’ve kept their word, no microtransactions. Then making its debut on Steam in April 2022. Once it officially launches, it will be persistent, meaning the universe will keep on living and evolving.

In Prosperous Universe, you’re a space mogul, discovering galaxies, building spaceships, and making alliances. The economic MMORPG is all about producing, exchanging, transporting, and earning rewards. The interface, APEX, works on all web browsers, and its quite realistic. Since the game brings in elements of real-world economics and space colonization theories. It’s a unique experience for everyone, without the grind. Available via Steam Early Access for both Linux and Windows PC.

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