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Prosperous Universe port coming ahead of Mac

prosperous universe space simulator game is coming to linux and windows pc then mac

Prosperous Universe space simulator game is coming to Linux and Windows PC, before Mac. All due to the efforts and creativity of developer simulogics. Due to release on Steam Early Access tomorrow.

The economic space simulator Prosperous Universe will release tomorrow, April 20th, 2022. Doing so after seven years of progress. Now the time has finally come for the economy sim to land on Steam. Coming to a wider audience of players on both Linux and Windows PC, with a Mac version out shortly after. The browser version will still see support with the Steam release.

Thousands of players have signed to play Prosperous Universe. Originally offering the first public version in December of 2018. The game went free to play in 2019, while staying true to its promise of avoiding fees entirely. Early Access began in 2021 after two years of the First Access phase. Once the game fully launches, its universe will be persistent.

Prosperous Universe – Cinematic Trailer


  • Prosperous Universe is a huge multiplayer economy sandbox space simulator. Doing so in a realistic sci-fi setting played through a changeable expert user interface in your web browser.
  • Your company. Your choices. Set your own goals and find your own ways. Mine resources, design spaceships, deliver goods, or trade stock. Which you can do with stocks, money and information in a vivid, player driven economy. Thanks to a grind free gameplay, the success of your company is not limited by the time you invest.
  • Real world. Real outcomes. From orbital mechanics to the stock market, reality has guided the design of Prosperous Universe. Learning and using complex systems is the key to success. Realism will not be avoided to pay to win antics. Your money is no good here.
  • One universe. One economy. All players compete and join in the same, growing universe. Every resource and stock can and must be provided by real people. Every price comes down to supply and demand. Doing so on real-time exchanges 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Prosperous Universe space simulator game releases via Steam Early Access. It’s a pleasure to also see that Linux and Windows PC get support ahead of Mac. Kind of an added inspiration for Steam Deck players.

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