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Przemyśl the new map coming to Tannenberg

przemyśl the new map coming to tannenberg on linux mac windows pc

Przemyśl is a new map coming to Tannenberg on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer M2H and Blackmill Games. Available now with a huge discount on Steam but regular price on Humble Store.

Tannenberg puts players in the boots of an infantry soldier. While taking on the Eastern Front of WW1 as the Russian Empire clashes with the might of Germany. Authentic weapons, uniforms, and battlefields combine. While give players the experience of maneuver warfare on the Eastern Front. All in stark contrast to the gritty and close quarters nature of combat. So you can take on the Western Front as depicted in its predecessor VerdunTannenberg will feature a new map centered on fighting around the fortified town of Przemyśl. Due to arrive on Steam on July 24th.

In Przemyśl, players participate in 40 player battles of maneuver. Where the goal is to capture key sectors. While draining the enemy’s victory points. Choose your squad, pick a loadout, and fight to control the battlefield. Utilize artillery, gas, heavy machine guns to gain victory. Every nation in game comes with authentic weapons. Including gear and uniforms true to the times. Every effort to include the often forgotten participants in the Eastern Front fighting. From Roumania and Latvia to Austria Hungary and Bulgaria.

Tannenberg Console Release and New Map Trailer

New Przemyśl map features fierce fortress fighting

The community has been vocal with their enthusiasm. So as a thank you for their patience the developers are making sure to add a new map. The upcoming map release takes place in Austro Hungarian fortress of Przemyśl.

The secure town of Przemyśl is the site of the longest siege in the First World War. Due to the Austro Hungarian defenders eventually surrender to the Russians. Large barricades make this a very different battlefield. if you compare it to the generally more open areas seen in many Tannenberg maps. Since the battle for the East is waged across a wide range of terrains. From large forests and burnt out villages to Roumanian mountain peaks. Also Latvian swamps and Austro Hungarian strongholds.

Also, if you haven’t played Tannenberg yet. The games available with a 60% discount on Steam but regular price of $19.99 USD on Humble Store. With builds for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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