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Psychonauts 2 sequel exceeds $2.2 million in crowdfunding campaign for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


So it looks like Psychonauts 2 for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC will be a successful. Not that we had any doubts, but that $3.3M crowdfunding goal is a sizable investment. The campaign on Fig, for the #highlyanticipated and long-awaited #sequel has now amassed $2,329,316 with 14,487 backers. That is rather impressive seeing crowdfunding laucnhed six days ago.

Now with 34 days remaining, this will definitely beat Double Fine’s record set by their first massive success Kickstarter, Broken Age.

Psychonauts is obviously a well established brand name with a loyal fanbase. And being that Double Fine are indie developers, they are not scared to charge more for the base pledge. Kickstarter was typically $15-$20 for the full game at launch, a fine discounted incentive.
Larger games are now asking for a lot more, such as Indivisible asking for $30. Psychonauts 2 hitting a level up from there, asking for $39 to plege the basic game.


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