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Psychroma a non-binary horror side-scroller

psychroma a non-binary horror side scroller game for linux mac and windows pc

Psychroma a non-binary horror side scroller game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the creative efforts of developer Rocket Adrift. Working to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

Rocket Adrift shows off their new psychedelic horror side scroller, Psychroma. This story driven pixel art side scroller has already won second place in the Big Digital Indie Pitch. With an honorable mention in the Ubisoft Indie Series Presented by National Bank.

Psychroma is a story driven psychological horror game. Where you play as a digital Medium who awakens in a haunted cyberpunk commune. While you take on haunts from the ghosts of the past residents. And at the same time, searching for an escape by exploring space and time.

In Psychroma you will use a set of digital tarot cards with the memories of the ghosts. Then search the house and unlock trying new details about what happened there. As you play as a Non-binary, mixed race hero. Doing so as you uncover the bond between a trans woman and her disabled lesbian partner.

Psychroma Premier Trailer

The third game from Rocket Adrift’s titles is an exercise in exploring. As you work through non-linear time, queerness, and empathy through horror.

Psychroma will be Rocket Adrift’s third game. In 2021, the three person Toronto-based team released their second game Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance on Steam and Following a nomination for Best Art Direction and Best Animation for the 2022 Canadian Indie Game Awards.
In 2019, Rocket Adrift developed Order A Pizza: A Visual Novel. Doing so for’s Nan0Ren0 game jam within the month of March. It now stands at over 7,000 downloads and was a part of the Racial Justice and Equality bundle. The largest bundle in history.

Psychroma non-binary horror side scroller game is due to release in Q4 2023. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is also available to Wishlist on Steam.

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