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Pudding Panic casual puzzle game available

pudding panic recently released the action puzzle game for linux

Berlin — 5 th April 2012 — Berlin-based game developer kunst-stoff recently released the action-puzzle game “The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic” for LINUX. At DESURA linux gamers can now download the game and save the jell-o like pudding “J. Jitters” from its a spooky ride through the labyrinth of a ghost train, before the pudding panics and faints in fear.


“The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic” is a singleplayer casual game, which focuses on the ability of route-planning and quick reaction.

Hero of the game is the shivering jelly “J. Jitters”, who is doomed to ride through the creepy comic worlds of a haunted house. The player is charged to puzzle his way through the maze of rails to find the exit.

To help the dessert out of his disaster the gamer needs to swap out rails at certain junctions and protect the pudding from the terrors waiting on the tracks: Angry witches, clattering skeletons and fire-spitting dragons roll over the rails and need to be defeated with an arsenal of crazy weapons, before the pudding gets scared to death.

Essentially a puzzle game, the fast-paced “ Pudding Panic” offers its players a cute but challenging experience s for gamers that want a little more out of their puzzle games besides block-breaking. A game full of humour, horror and haunted house vibes.

Genre: Action, Puzzle

Graphic: 3D

Game features: Singleplayer

Game theme: Comic, Horror, Rollercoaster, Haunted House, Humour

Price: 7.99€ / 8.99$

 ? kunst-stoff is an independent game developer and producer based in Berlin. kunst-stoff also produces interactive exhibits for clients in the industrial and cultural fields and is active in the development of new technology. In 2008, kunst-stoff was a composite of freelancers, working together on interactive games and exhibits. In the meantime, the company has grown into an award-winning game developer, receiving the honor of the German Developer Award in the category “Best Children’s Game 2010″ and the „Red Dot Design Award 2011“


Downloadlink: the-great-jitters-pudding-panic

Official Website:

· Gameplay Trailer

· Presskit (English & German)


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