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Puddle Knights a new turn based puzzle reveal

puddle knights a new turn based puzzle reveal for linux mac windows pc

Puddle Knights is a new turn based puzzle game for Mac and Windows PC, but likely Linux too. Thanks to Finnish game development studio Lockpickle. Due to release in 2020 on Steam.

Since Lockpickle are revealing their debut project Puddle Knights. This is a humorous turn based puzzle game set in mud covered medieval times. Basically, this is a grid based puzzle game. Taking inspiration by the likes of Snakebird, Baba is You, Stephen’s Sausage Roll and similar core puzzle games.
The game is due to release in early 2020 for Window PC and Mac. While other platforms will be announced later. We also reached out about Linux support. Asking what game engine is being used for development as well.

Linux Support:

We’re creating Puddle Knights with Unity. And are currently focusing on the Windows PC and Mac versions. But we’ve been discussing Linux support to follow those platforms. No promises yet though, but a Linux port is very likely.

Since Unity 3D makes it easy to port to Linux. There is no surprise here that Puddle Knights will “likely” make a native debut. And this is only the announcement. Which means we should indeed have further good news going forward. But for now, check out the trailer.

Puddle Knights – Gameplay video

Puddle Knights features over 80 unique puzzles. The all require the imaginative use of chivalrous knights. While using their capes to cover mud puddles. But allow people of the royal upper class to reach their exits. The game takes place in a medieval environment where sanitation planning has failed. So even the noblest of people find themselves surrounded by mud. Only the mud resistant knights and their capes can save them!


  • 80+ unique head scratching levels. While Puddle Knights increases difficulty
  • Stepping on heads, tactical cape rips and other imaginative teamwork mechanics between characters
  • We’ve steered clear of grid-based puzzle game cliches: there are no pressure plates, keys to collect or boxes to push
  • Mistake-making and experimentation enabled by Undo and Reset functions

Puddle Knights is due to release on Steam in early 2020. Coming to Mac and Windows PC, but likely to see a Linux port. Make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.