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PULSAR: Lost Colony open world space sim is out

pulsar: lost colony open world space sim games release is out on linux mac windows pc with vr support

PULSAR: Lost Colony open world space sim games release is out on Linux, Mac, Windows PC with VR support. Thanks to the continuing efforts for developer Leafy Games. Which is available with Positive reviews on Steam and Humble Store.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter back in 2013, version 1.0 of PULSAR: Lost Colony is now live. Such a pleasure to see, although I do not own a VR headset, yet. But the game is an impressive project for the three person development team. Since its their first commercial game release. As a result, Leafy Games must be pleased to see the 90% Positive Reviews.

Team up to operate a starship and explore a randomized galaxy falling into chaos. Each player in PULSAR: Lost Colony takes on a role aboard the ship. So the typical Captain, Pilot, Scientist, Weapons Specialist, and Engineer. Then you have to figure things out between crew members. As you work to survive the perils that await you.

PULSAR: Lost Colony – Launch Trailer

PULSAR: Lost Colony will have you control the various stations that run your ship. Reroute power between ship systems, operate turrets, and run powerful programs. While you scan enemy vessels for details to give you an edge in battle. Maybe even start up the warp drive to escape a fight you cannot win. The strategies you use are up to you or your Captain. Which is certainly a very Star Trek’ish kind of vibe.

Embark on missions, search empty stations, and look for components that could help in your voyage. Teleport down to the surfaces of planets where you may face extreme settings and dangerous creatures. While you trek across the galaxy and discover what lies on its fringes in PULSAR: Lost Colony.


  • Online co-op multiplayer (1 – 5 players)
  • Offline / singleplayer mode
  • Customizable AI crew bots in PULSAR: Lost Colony online and offline mode
  • Five unique classes; everyone plays a role on the ship
  • Fast paced and also tactical ship to ship space combat
  • Teleport to other ships, planets, or stations to join the away team
  • Loot planets and stations for valuable items
  • Board enemy ships so you can capture them or destroy their systems
  • VR mode (with motion controller support)

PULSAR: Lost Colony open world space sim releases on Steam and Humble Store. Including support for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and VR. While offering a 20% discount, dropping the price down to $19.99 USD.