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Punch Club release date through Twitch vote

twitch punch club release comingto linux steamos mac windows pc

Twitch decided to play Pokémon in 2014, okay fine, probably not realizing just how popular crowd playing would become. Back in August, Twitch worked their way through Dark Souls after an untold number of deaths. Developer #LazyBearGames and publisher tinyBuild are holding Punch Club to the outcome of Twitch. Currently available for pre-order on Steam, but will #unlock until Twitch can beat the #game.

Twitch is currently at a 90% completion state, so Punch Club‘s publisher clarified the game’s release date on Steam. Stating that the game will be available on January 25 if the livestreaming community are unable to beat the last 10%. Obvioulsy Twitch does not give up easily, so this is possible, we could see the boxing tycoon management title release sometime this weekend or maybe later today.

Worst case scenario, we wait until January 25 to punch people in the face, while we discover the truth behind the murder of the main character’s father. Punch Club has multiple routes players can take to discover the truth of what happened. Punch Club will be available for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC on January 25 if Twitch somehow does not beat it.