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Punk Wars 4X turn-based strategy is out now

punk wars 4x turn-based strategy game releases on linux mac and windows pc

Punk Wars 4X turn-based strategy game releases on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the efforts of developer Strategy Forge. Available on both Steam and GOG with a discount.

Strategy Forge along with the publisher Jujubee are eager to announce the release. Since the 4X turn-based strategy game Punk Wars is now available. Allowing players to delve into the unique single-player. While including a combat heavy twist on a classic turn based 4X strategy. Here, steam, steel, atom, and diesel punk all clash. Due to spread of their technology and philosophy.

Punk Wars tells the story of four new powers emerging from the ashes. Doing so after a global cataclysm and a fight for control. Trying to hold their power over the ruins of a once noble megacity. While you now work to become the powerful leader of the messianic steampunk. Maybe a tenebrous dieselpunk, militaristic steelpunk, or technocratic atompunk. Since each faction holds the key to a different branch of industrial science. Each with a different range of unique skills.

Punk Wars – Launch Trailer

Explore the ruins of a bygone population, where resources are scarce and the dangers are way too common. Develop your base and technology that will secure your triumph. In Punk Wars is about creating a winning strategy and a playstyle for each faction. While using their distinctive skills and units. Become the messiah of the new age and lead humanity towards the era of success and happiness… as you see it.

In the game you will:

  • Take control of one of the four powerful corporations – Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, or Steelpunk. Then use its unique skill set to lead it to glory.
  • Explore the mysteries of a ruined, post apocalyptic megacity in Punk Wars.
  • Level up your units and engage in battles. Due to challenging your tactical sense.
  • Grow your scientific, industrial and military infrastructure. Creating advanced supply chains.
  • Seek, garner and wisely use scarce resources.
  • Unite humanity and lead it to the new era of peace and success!

Punk Wars 4X turn-based strategy game is available on Steam and GOG (no Linux build). Priced at $19.99 USD/16,99 EUR with an additional 10% launch discount until November 18th. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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