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Pureya charming arcade minigames out now

pureya charming arcade minigames that releases in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Pureya charming arcade minigames release in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Majorariatto. Available on both Steam and

Pureya is a collection of charming arcade minigames. While simple arcade games are great, they can get boring quickly. What if they changed to a new game every 10 seconds?
All of these arcade minigames are available to play with just 2 buttons. So that every 10 seconds, the game will switch from one random minigame to another.

Pureya story follows a young girl. As the clatter and rattle of a pachinko machine fill the air of a young girl’s home. She slips as she reaches for more marbles also sending them flying across the room. Her thoughts run wild as she races to collect them. Doing so through charming and chaotic 10-second minigames.

Pureya launch trailer

Soar as an eagle, dodge cannon fire, or even tiptoe as a flamingo. While you work to gather as many marbles as you can. After each round of minigames, spend marbles in the pachinko machine. This lets you unlock new games in Pureya, skins, and collectible medals. With simple 2 button controls and a dynamic difficulty that adjusts with your skill. This also lets players of any skill level jump right into Pureya’s fast paced game of chance.

So test your skills in Endless Mode or practice any game you’re struggling with. Available in the minigame library. Master the entire Pureya arcade group and challenge yourself or your friends. Play games, unlock prizes and enjoy pure fun in Pureya.


  • More than 30 10-second minigames
  • Unlock new Pureya minigames, skins, and more. Since there are 250 collectibles in the pachinko machine
  • Simple 2-button controls and dynamic difficulty for players of all skill levels
  • Master every minigame in Endless Mode or replay favorites in the game library
  • Original dynamic soundtrack by Alejandro Maciá

Pureya releases for $5.99 USD via Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. The collection of charming arcade minigames is available on both Steam and

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