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Push Me, Pull You indie sports action gets release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Looking for something fresh to play this summer season, Push Me, Pull You will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC next week, on July 14th. House House’s project put players in control of a two-headed sausage in a slappy #wrestling match for this indie #sports action #game .
More particularly Push Me, Pull You is a local multiplayer game, working together to maneuver an assortment of limbs to wrestle the ball from the opposing team.

Push Me Pull You is an award-winning local multiplayer game about friendship and wrestling. Joined at the waist, you and your partner share a long, wriggling body as you wrestle your opponents for control of the ball. Since you’re sharing the same body, you’ll need to carefully communicate (or just shout a lot). With every action affecting both you and your partner, PMPY combines the best parts of co-op multiplayer with the worst parts of your last breakup.

  • Frantic local multiplayer gameplay in the vein of Sportsfriends or Towerfall.
  • Compete in multiple game types that will test your friendship in different ways, or play around in a sandbox area filled with toys and secrets.
  • Low on controllers? Share a controller with a friend or try controlling two heads simultaneously – a two-player game can be played with just one controller!
  • Accessible yet deep – play it as a noisy party game or hold a fiercely competitive grudge match.

Push Me Pull You is coming to Steam on July 14th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Dual Core @ 1.7ghz or equivalent
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space


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