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PUSHEEP new puzzle game to release soon

pusheep new puzzle game to release soon on linux mac and windows pc

PUSHEEP new puzzle game to release soon on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the imaginative work and effort of developer AKAMEL Studio. All due to release on Steam and itch.

AKAMEL Studio, a solo dev indie studio, is excited to announce the new puzzle game, PUSHEEP. Due to be available on Steam and Itch platforms) in just 3 days (March 24th).

PUSHEEP is a very simple yet challenging puzzle game. The concept is all about planning your moves to achieve one clear goal. While removing all evil sheep from your beautiful floating islands.

PUSHEEP takes inspiration from Sokoban-style games and adapts them in a different way. While slowly adding new and unique mechanics to spice things up. So that players can take part in challenging puzzles. At the same time, aim to find the optimal solution to these various puzzles they will encounter. All this and more in a stylized world and a chill mood.


While scratching their heads in front of some complex puzzles, players will be kept company by a cute companion. Due to encourage them after each level and hopefully make them laugh with his baa-aaad jokes.


  • PUSH evil SHEEP away
    Follow the Sheep Warriors on a quest of removing all evil from their PUSHEEP lands. Doing so with intellect and a little force, in 80 challenging levels.
  • Discover rich areas
    Embark on a challenging adventure in various different zones with themed puzzles and new mechanics. Due to transform a very simple concept into a difficult but exciting endeavor.
  • Solve challenging puzzles
    Engage in a nonlinear experience full of surprisingly complex intellectual challenges. Discover all of the PUSHEEP mysteries that this world has to offer.

12 out of the 80 levels are available in the Demo on Steam and itch. These levels should give the player a good idea about the game’s main mechanics.

PUSHEEP will be priced a $8.99 USD / £7.49 / 8,99€ with a 15% launch discount. Due to release on March 24th, 2022 via Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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