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PUSHEEP puzzle game announces a free demo

pusheep puzzle game announces a free demo for linux mac windows pc

PUSHEEP challenging puzzle game announced with a free demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and efforts of developer AKAMEL Studio. Which is now available on Steam and Itch for testing. Read on for details.

AKAMEL Studio, a solo dev indie studio, is eager to announce the free demo for the upcoming puzzle game, PUSHEEP. Which is now available for Mac and Windows PC via Steam, with the Linux build out on Itch. Simply download the rar file, extract, then “chmod +x PUSHEEPDEMO.x86_64“. Run the game with ease “./PUSHEEPDEMO.x86_64“. Which actually plays quite well, better than I would expect for a Demo.

PUSHEEP itself is a very simple yet challenging puzzle game. It’s all about planning your moves to achieve one clear goal. While removing all evil sheep from your beautiful floating islands.
Gameplay takes inspiration from Sokoban-style games and adapts them in a different way. And as a result, adds progressively new and innovative mechanics to spice things up.
Players will have to take part in finding the best solution to the various challenges they will encounter. Doing so in a stylized PUSHEEP world with a chill mood.

To top things off, AKAMEL Studio is looking for Linux testers. Stating, “I’m currently working on a Linux version and looking for playtesters.” This is available via the Discussions post on Steam. And if you’re interested in helping an indie developer get their wings, try the Linux Demo and reply to the post. You can also reach out to the dev directly via Discord server.

Pusheep Trailer

Let also not forget this cute companion that will encourage the players after each level. Due to make you laugh with his baa-🐑-aaad jokes.


  • PUSH evil SHEEP away
    Follow the Sheep Warriors on a quest of removing all evil from their lands. Doing so with intellect and a little force, in over 80+ challenging levels.
  • Discover rich areas
    Embark on a challenging adventure in various different zones. There are also themed puzzles and new mechanics in Pusheep</em. They will transform a very simple concept into a difficult but exciting trial.
  • Solve challenging puzzles
    Engage in a nonlinear experience full of surprisingly complex intellectual tests. While you discover all mysteries that this world has to offer.
  • 20 out of the 80 levels are available in the Demo. This also includes the first world and two boss battles.

PUSHEEP is due to release in the first quarter of 2022 via Steam. Due to arrive with day one support on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Price is still TBD.

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