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Puzzle DLC announced for factory builder Shapez.IO

puzzle dlc announced for factory builder for both linux and windows pc

Puzzle DLC announced for factory builder Shapez.IO for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Tobias Springer. Due to make its way onto Steam next month.

Tobias Springer announces the upcoming release of the Puzzle DLC. Due to arrive for his indie PC title Shapez.IO. The DLC will add some mind bending puzzles to the unique factory line simulator. Which will be released on Steam June 22nd 2021

Shapez.IO success speaks for itself with more than 4,500 positive reviews. While upholding a whopping score of 97% on Steam for Linux and Windows PC. Enhanced by a soothing soundtrack. The game puts you in charge of delivering specific colored shapes from raw material. All using a variety of tools across an infinitely expanding map!

Shapez.IO – Puzzle DLC Trailer

Puzzle DLC is the game’s first DLC brings an extra game mode. Including an unlimited amount of content thanks to the player puzzle creation engine. Tobia Springer, Shapez.IO creator explains “The most fun part in comes after a solution is found. And that is improving a structure. Even shrinking a reusable section by a single block is incredibly satisfying. No matter how long it takes. With the Puzzle DLC, I wanted to build on this feeling and reinforce this very concept. The player has limited space & buildings and must find a solution within those constraints to deliver the correct shapes. Past experiences have proven to me that the community is incredibly creative. So it was essential that puzzles could be created & shared by the community. For this reason, I’ve made sure to add a puzzle editor. This allows players to create, test and publish their own challenges!”

The Puzzle DLC takes puzzling to a whole new level!

DLC Features:

  • Solve the puzzles by creating the given shapes in a limited space. While using a set amount of buildings available! There are no resources and you only get a given amount of shape types and colors to work with!
  • Compete with other players and see if you can solve even the most difficult puzzles. And if that’s not enough for you, can also design and share your own creations with the puzzle editor!
  • Enjoy the new soundtrack created especially for the DLC by the composer of the original game! is a relaxed game in which you build factories. While automating production of geometric shapes. As the levels increase, the shapes become more and more complex. This also forces you to expand on the infinite map.

Puzzle DLC will take gameplay even further. Which will be released on Steam, June 22nd, 2021 for $4.99 USD, €4,99, £3.99. Arriving on Linux and Windows PC.

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